Friday, February 08, 2008

There Be Monsters here...

With her underwear still on her left leg, a female adult lay slumped against the small apartment wall...her head propped up by the wall, her back on the floor, and one leg on the bed.

Her shirt was torn off. The apartment was a diseased hellhole, ridden with filth...of all kinds. The bruising on her neck and the bulging of her tongue suggested strangulation.

Not too far from her body was another man. He was of mid years, say 47ish...white male. In the center of his chest was a hole big enough to put your hand in. The detectives were guessing twelve gage.

Still yet, another male sat in the living room of this fancy card board box, not saying too much. Probably shock...

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the female was the girlfriend of the man sitting on the couch. She and her boyfriend were into many things, including prostitution. It's an old story...girlfriend sells herself for her boyfriend's drug habit. This time however they ran into a monster. A quiet master of deception...a spider who lures such prey into his web and kills them for sexual gratification.

Boyfriend/pimp hears the girl calling for help while in the apartment, boyfriend comes in and kills the subject. Girl is dead.

The suspect was middle aged. Given this fact and the apparent ease and skill of his act, he has probably killed before. Such pathology usually emerges during puberty, but isn't acted on until early to mid twenties. I'm sure when we look at this person under a microscope, we'll find that some of our missing ran across his path at some point.